• Kami Webb

    Kami was born and raised in Amarillo, Texas.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design; however, she quickly came to realize that breathing life and encouragement into others was what made her come alive. Soon after, Kami journeyed to become a teacher, and taught for 12 years, both stateside and abroad. 
    Though Kami is no longer in the classroom, any opportunity to encourage another is where you’ll find her. She is currently a caregiver for the elderly with dementia. On the weekends you can find her either working as a barista, or working with Dallas’ homeless youth at our local youth center.
    The ability to breathe light and love into another is where Kami finds great joy. She firmly believes that as long as we have a pulse, we have a purpose. No one is too far gone for Jesus’ redemptive power. If God can use her, you better believe He can use you, too! 

  • Monica Dorsey

    Monica is an ambassador , retired collegiate basketball player, speaker, poet, and influencer.

    Monica Dorsey has a passion for using authentic stories to motivate young women to be greater than their circumstances, prepare for their careers and chase their dreams.

    She has played basketball throughout Rome, Venice, Florence and Milan, Italy. As a White House ambassador she was able to converse with some of the most influential leaders in most elite students of America‘s time by expanding the budget for historically black colleges. She engaged with shareholders and was able to promote innovation and excellence in Washington DC. She has been featured in A Seat at The Table Magazine, HBCU Buzz, the HBCU interview, CBS 19, Fox, NBC TV, Voyage Dallas magazine and other podcast forms in the Dallas metroplex.

    She is a host facilitator for Grow With Google Programs which serves as a change agent for technological advancement for justice impacted communities. Monica is the founder of her own nonprofit called Endless Potential. As an empowerment and motivational speaker, she desires to use her voice to empower, encourage and propel the next generation.

    She currently works under TD Jakes Reentry program which aids and prison reform and combating the systematic oppression of the criminal justice system.

  • Dawn Batoba

    Dawn radiates a guiding light, illuminating the path for entrepreneurs seeking success, all while spreading a message of hope, resilience, and the transformative power of faith. With a deep passion for serving others through encouragement and support, she has discovered her life's purpose. Armed with a perfect blend of education, enthusiasm, and real-world experience, Dawn finds joy in assisting and coaching aspiring small business owners.
    Beyond her professional pursuits, Dawn embraces the roles of a devoted wife and a new mother to an energetic baby girl. This new chapter as a family of three has brought immeasurable joy and fulfillment. Though her life isn't without challenges, Dawn has learned to lean on her faith and chase after her dreams. Through unwavering trust in God, she has defied the odds and pursued her passions, anchored by her core values of faith, individuality, and service.
    Dawn's story is still unfolding, but she considers it a privilege to share her life's testimony with others. By doing so, she reminds them of the immense goodness of God!

  • Chuck Morah

    Chukwunweike Morah AKA Chuck.
    He moved to the US as a teenager and has lived in Texas for over 20 years. He lived part of his life in Lagos, Nigeria and Carrollton TX. He is proud to be a Nigerian- American.
    He currently resides in the Dallas area with my beautiful wife and daughter. He attended Texas Woman’s
    University, where he got his Bachelors and Master’s in Kinesiology.
    Throughout his career he was also involved with organizations to help feed the homeless and lead the Fight Against Hunger in local and international communities. Along with donating toys to the Childrens Hospital.
    This passion has led him to create and lead a men’s bible study group for over 2 years.
    Chuck is currently in the Medical Technology Sales Industry with over 10 years of sales experience and team building.
    His goal is to use the unique gift God has blessed him with to make a positive impact in this world and to continue to share the Word of
    God with different people.

  • Anthony Taylor

    Anthony Taylor played football at Texas State University. He graduated in communication studies. He is a personal trainer at Driven Elite.

    He loves to motivate and encourage other people to go after their goals and dreams.

    Check out the Podcast 
  • Jared Avery

    Jared C. Avery, Ph.D. serves as the Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness at Dallas Theological Seminary. In this capacity, he oversees the assessment of the seminary’s administrative structures and student support units; serves as a co-chair of the Institutional Effectiveness Commitee and a member of several strategic action committees; and provides analysis and interpretation of graduate student enrollment, persistence/graduation data, and the graduate learning experience. Dr. Avery has wide-ranging experiences in both higher education institutions and non-profit agencies, which include previous appointments at Paul Quinn College (Dallas, TX), Howard University (Washington, DC), and the Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (Washington, DC). 
    He became a follower of Christ at an early age. While growing up in New Orleans, he was baptized in his neighborhood church—Carver Desire Baptist Church--and knew that God had a special plan for his life. This involved being active in various church ministries along his college/career stops and his eventual arrival at the seminary.  
    As a Louisiana native, Dr. Avery is a three-time graduate of Louisiana State University, earning a bachelor's and master's degrees in psychology and education with an emphasis in higher education and student affairs as well as a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Research. He is a man of faith and an avid fitness enthusiast. He lives in the beautiful city of Dallas, Texas