• Scholarship


    Propel Scholars Award (PSA) is on a mission to end the cycle of poverty by supporting students from underserved communities with scholarship opportunities, character-building service work, and money management instruction and resources. PSA disrupts the familial patterns of lack and serves as a social equalizer.

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  • christian book kara barker


    Life is full of hallelujah moments when we’re celebrating milestones, we’re happy and full of hope. But there are also times when we experience setbacks and hiccups.Hallelujahs and Hiccupsby Kara Barker invites women from all stages, ages, backgrounds and cultures to experience 100 days of inspiration, devotion and prayer. Life is not a sprint, it’s a marathon and it’s too precious to speed through without taking some time to pause, celebrate the small wins and learn from your losses. This daily devotional journal is filled with life lessons, scripture and motivating insight. No matter what season of life you’re in, this book will encourage you. Each day provides a daily devotion, prayer and a space for you to journal your experience.

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  • rum cake


    I have spent many years baking and creating special treats. One tradition I enjoyed the most was making rum cakes with my daughter to give as gifts to friends and family. It was a highlight to see their joy and hear their reactions of pure delight after they tasted it. It gives me great pleasure to now be able to bring these cakes to you. I have been perfecting these flavors and I hope you enjoy a taste of the islands with every bite.

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  • Mission

    Purposefull People is a non-profit organization and community. Where we encourage and empower all people to pursue their purpose and be all that God created them to be. How we do this is by developing content, creating serving opportunities, and messages of hope. We want everyone to be full of purpose. Pursue your purpose and know that purpose is power.

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  • Mission

    To encourage women to build friendships and share life through conversations initiated by our handmade clay earrings. The way we're cultivating that is in our name! The "co" represents Courage-Connect-Community.

    We're believing that each pair of statement earrings will ignite the courage to connect with other women and create community (yes, outside of our current circle). It's a big dream and we're so excited to partner with you in building your tribe of fabulous women. You've got this, girl!

    Fun fact: Women in Eurasia never leave the house without earrings! A percentage of every purchase helps empower young girls and women overseas. 

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  • Misson

    Esculent Soap, LLC is a whole food based soap company encouraging you to nourish your skin from within. A recipe is included with every bar to begin incorporating skin loving foods into your diet. I make bar soap, essential oil rollerballs, sea salt scrubs, body butter and lip balm, beard oils, and body sprays. All products are completely natural and vegan or vegan friendly. Also, products from concept to production, and packaging, are all created and handmade solely by me here in Frisco, Texas!

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  • Mission

    Through our collections we know where our beauty and strength comes from and how we dress reflect who we represent.

    Proverbs 31:25 NLTShe is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.

    Clothed in Strength 
  • He Comes, You Choose

    He Comes, You Choose, was inspired by Wontavius’s passion for empowering women. In this book women are being educated on how to maximize their worth through rebuilding their identity. He Comes, You Choose helps women reach within and discover the best version of themselves. Wontavius' desire is to help women maximize their single-season by working on themselves and operating in their purpose. The reality is that many women don't take time to find their tailor-made identity, which causes them to lose their identity when introduced into a relationship. This book was written to help women understand that their life has a purpose and that they have something to offer society. Having a sense of self and purpose helps women understand the importance of waiting on a man worthy of their time instead of settling for a man who never deserved it.

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  • body butter


    Sugar Lamb Organics is a faith-based, raw, all natural, organic skin care company located in Southern California. We hand-craft all of our products in our humble home. Sugar Lamb Organics was birthed with the mission of restoring the balance of skin. Our inspiration comes from the need of honest ingredients in the skin care industry. Most products have harsh preservatives in them, but our main focus is to create  products free of hidden preservatives, minimal natural ingredients, and products that build life-long trust. 

    BEST Body Butter 
  • K.N.G Photography

    I'm a Jesus lover, wife, worshipper and mother who just had an idea infusing evangelism and photography together into my business. So I quit my day job in 2019 and became an entrepreneur with no plan to do Photography at all, but hey look at God! In some shape, form or fashion I believe in everything we do should glorify Him.

    I've has spent my days connecting with families, couples and entrepreneurs capturing warm moody moments of love, joy and passion. If I had to pick I would say families & couples are my niche. Alllthoughhh...I do love me a good wedding! ehh it's hard to choose!

    There’s some much peace in life knowing that God gave me a gift of vision only to turn around and use it to glorify Him and make others happy for a life time.

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