Worship & Prayer Team

  • Lola & Jon

    An encourager at heart, Lola is mixed with a spirit that warms, she wants you to love Jesus more and experience the freedom that it comes with. With her powerful female vocals, a heart of worship & vulnerability, infused with a pop approach, drawing from her Gospel, Motown, and Latin roots, her songs help you remember who God is for you. She also was given the opportunity to tour with Maverick City and sing in the choir.

    Jon has been leading worship for 20+ years with a heart and intention to help worshippers love Jesus more. Deeply grateful for God’s incredible work, he seeks for hearts to be wow-ed by what God has done and for who He is. Together they help usher your worship to the presence of a good and amazing God and the right response is to receive His beauty and give Him His praise.

  • Shelton

    Shelton Banks is from a small country town Ludlow, MS. Shelton is a huge family man. He has a beautiful wife and six beautiful kids. He was raised by two beautiful Queens, his mother, grandmother, and his king grandpa. He loves his 2 beautiful sisters, nieces, and handsome nephews.

    Shelton recently graduated in Audio Engineering and is looking forward to starting his career as a producer. Shelton is a self-taught musican who is dedicated and passionate about sharing his God-given gift to the world. Shelton wants to be a blessing to others and always prays that his gift can heal and change other people's lives.

  • Austin Mitchell

    Austin is a native of Plano, Texas with a heart to serve Jesus and to advance His Kingdom. Austin graduated from Bethel College with a bachelor’s degree in management and marketing. Currently he is the young adults pastor at Grace Church Plano and runs his non-profit PURPOSEFULL PEOPLE. Some of his favorite things to do is to learn, encourage others, and go to the movies. 

  • Karen Dapaah

    Saying yes to ministry is easy because I’m saying yes to God. The command is simple, love God and love others. Loving requires action and sometimes we have to be the hands and feet, or the phone call of encouragement, or the giver, for God on this side. So I say yes when I can, especially because I know what it’s like personally when I’ve need(ed) God to show up in one way or the other.

    I’ve been involved in different aspects of ministry my whole life but I’m taking on the assignment of being sent out. Serving through prayer for Righteously Redeemed is an exciting opportunity in my journey of getting to experience God move. I want to do everything he purposed for me to do this conference. His will above mine, not by my might but by His power.

  • Keldrick Brown

    Keldrick Brown, as rare as it may sound, he is a true Dallas native. He has been walking in God’s Grace for about a decade now and there’s one thing he knows for sure, the explanations compound as you grow in Him. His hobbies consist of reading, walks and eating Honey Roasted Peanuts from Target.